Some of the videos I got from my classes, which I think raise many good points and topics to be discussed about. Sorry if some of them are not available! Btw,they are all funny, no, I mean hilarious at least for me, in case you're wondering. Sorry for some videos have many cusses in it. Please absorb what's important. Have fun watching, and utilize youtube to its max! :D

The Underlying Serious Topic: Understanding 'argument' (0:00-02:45) 

The Underlying Serious Topic: Do we use racial stereotypes to make jokes sound funny? (0:00 - end)

The Underlying Serious Topic: Nothing I am aware of, but it is hilarious, no cusses! (0:00 - end)

The Underlying Serious Topic: The power of using the right word- super hilarious. (0:00 - 06:48)

The Underlying Serious Topic: Order of word matters! (0:00 - 04:45)

Informative channels everyone should spend time watching:
Vsauce -- everything!     
Minute Physics -- Physics!   
Crash Course -- Biochem/Biology!   
CGPGrey -- everything!    
The Spangler Effect! -- Cool Science Experiments

*I won't take credit for introducing all the channels I now really really enjoy watching! So, thank you, Ilman!*

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najmi mira said...

i watch vsauce too! totally awesome facts shortened in 10 mins! xDD